Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Pumped on Racing Again. For Realz.

I done the Icycle this weekend. It was real fun. It was also real painful. I guess that's to be expected with racing though. This race hurts more than most though, because your system is never even close to prepared.

Anywho, did 3 laps, 1 of which was fast, 1 of which was kinda chill, and 1 of which was riding with Julia as she stormed to victory in a stacked women's field. Also, between laps 2 and 3 I might have ridden up to our cabin to get a snack. Maybe might have done that.

I'm gonna go ahead and steal an idea from another blog here, so stay with me. See, I have a new, very fast racer bike coming in. It's radically different from anything I've owned before, and I'm really excited. BUT, I don't have any races until the 20th of March when I have a little tune up before the real racing begins. So, since I don't have any races coming up, and I still need to lose some weight, I'm gonna use the promise of a new bike as motivation.

Race weight (about 10lb higher this year than ever before thanks to some heavy time in the gym): 181.

Current weight: 186.5

1.5 months to do it.

Not gonna even open the race bike box until then.

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