Thursday, August 5, 2010

ORAMM and After

Well, I raced ORAMM about a week and a half ago, and despite how I felt for the last 2 hours of the race, I actually enjoyed myself. I mean, there were a lot of gravel road miles, and it got really hot, but still, there was something very satisfying about actually finishing. I felt awesome for the first 3 or so hours, and then faded pretty hard after that: over heating worse than I ever have before. I ended up 26th out of 400 starters, which I'm totally pumped with. Even if Old Man Balls did beat me. I was rocking some BALLER white shoes though...

Since then, I've been working and riding a lot, which is pretty much what I do during the summer. There has been a lot more going on than I've ever had before, working at the shop, interning at CTS in Asheville, riding as much as I can, and hanging out with the GF whenever possible.

I'm now sitting at a house where I am dog-sitting 3 cute dogs, one of them a super cute puppy (although an EXTREMELY mischievous one. Seriously, she is like a magician of getting in trouble.) I'm attempting to watch a movie, but the DVD player is the weak link in an otherwise very nice home entertainment center (52in LCD TV, HD everything, XBox, etc). The DVD player straight up doesn't work worth anything though.

Also, I seem to have hurt myself once again riding my bicycle thingy. My shoulder is moving in places that it really shouldn't, and doesn't seem to be connected as tightly as usual. So yeah, we'll see how that plays out here in the next few days.

Hopefully I'll still be able to race this weekend, but it seems doubtful at this point. If racing doesn't work out, it looks like I'll be hanging out with the Hoo since neither of us are working on Sunday. Looking forward to the possible day off...