Saturday, July 24, 2010

126 Days!

Well guys, it's been 126 days since my last post. That's pretty sweet. Or not depending on how much you like/hate my blog. I'm not gonna promise to even try to blog more, cause I'm not sure I'm going to (seriously, more than once I've almost decided to delete this whole thing along with my Facebook), but hey, I can at least give you an update on what's happened in my life, can't I?

I think my last post was something about getting ready for road racing...I did a little of that for a couple of months, got slower throughout the season, raced a very cold nationals, and then gave up the whole thing.
After that, I had a couple of terrible attempts at XC racing, and put the kabosh on the first part of my season. Up to that point, I had planned on doing a whole load of big races and going really really fast, so after my legs fell apart, I had a pretty wide-open summer. Since I wasn't going to race XC, I started doing some work on my gravity skills, and did a few races here and there.

I've been having a pretty good time with that, so we'll have to see what happens with it in the future.
Finally, in addition to working on my skills, I've been trying to get back on it training for XC. Since BC is going to have some crazy fast new rippers on the XC side of things, I figure I should at least try to be able to hang with them.

Starting ORAMM tomorrow. Should be interesting. I've never ridden up there, or for that long actually. Goal time is under 6 hours, but we'll see. Supposed to be hot, so that may slow things down a bit.