Friday, December 19, 2008

New bike again?

I'm getting a new bike soon. It's gonna be nice. Super pimped out white with a powertap. Sram Red. A whole lot of carbon. In fact, it is going to look almost exactly like the last bike that I had for about 2 weeks that a clever thief is now riding around. Good stuff.

Yeah, I had my bike stolen from outside the shop. It sucked, but my insurance was cool about it and got a check in the mail really quickly. I was impressed. So I should end up with a new bike early next week.

Since I've not had a road bike, I've been mountain biking a lot more than usual. And while most of my rides have been pretty short and in the wet, its been nice to get back in the woods after such a long time out. Julia and I went up to Dupont to ride yesterday, and that was a blast. A little wet, but still, a whole lot of fun.

I've been riding my old hardtail (it's now a 2x national champion, thanks to T Cowie), and that thing hooks up. It is so fast coming out of corners it's crazy. I'm a little slower going downhill, but still, it's a kick ass training bike. Hopefully my new bike will be available soon.

And school is done. Which is awesome since it pretty much coincides perfectly with my needing to get out on the bike more. It's time to get back on the training and get fast again. Yeah. Gotta make that 12 hours of Tsali team.

I also have gotten my Christmas shopping done in record time this year. Which is surprising since I haven't had any money in months. So yeah, go get your shopping done and support the struggling economy. America will thank you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well, I'm back to riding. I'm happy. My knee just kinda quickly got better and stopped being painful and stiff. I'll probably start doing workouts on the bike starting here soon. I guess I'm gonna have to be in pretty good form for road season starting in FEBUARY! I've never started racing quite that early. It's gonna be good though, I'm looking forward to it.

The BC team started our gym workouts this week (well, actually, we started last week, I started this week). It's cool. We're almost like a real team now.

And I'm super pumped... Today is the last day of classes. I'm actually writing this during my last class of the semester. It's good too, because I only have like 2 real exams, so I'm pretty much just finishing up homework stuff. This break is going to be great, pretty much just riding and hanging out. I need to be strong coming into the next semester. yeah, do work.

Also, Bracken Mountain Bakery is awesome. I highly recommend stopping in there to get a delicious treat to brighten up your day. Not to mention that they sponsor my cycling team, so that's pretty cool too.


Go Gators!!!!