Monday, March 24, 2008


So, I have decided to give an account of my bike racing season, and anything related to it. Pretty much just my life in general, actually... I mean, I enjoy doing all of this stuff, why shouldn't I force the rest of humanity to be aware of every detail of my existence, as if that knowledge was something that they couldn't live without and that I somehow had the innate responsibility to share??? I mean, everyone else apparently feels this way, so I think that I might give it a shot as well.
So yeah, I'm going to be racing a lot this year. I'll be riding even more. You have about 8 months of warm weather to look forward to hearing about, as well as a full Mountain bike season and then a Collegiate season. It is going to be awesome. I might even try to get a camera so that I can post my own pictures rather than stealing all of them.
The biggest thing that you need to know about me is that I hate winter, and I have never been happier to come out of it and into warm weather in my life. This has been an impetus for my writings... To share my joy. Sweet, huh? I'm not planning at the moment to have this be a daily blog, but hey, if I get something good to write about everyday, then who knows, right? So yeah, welcome to my life online!