Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to get serious

Alrighty then. I did my first field test of the year using my trusty gerbil wheel, and discovered that I've got some work to do. Unlike Lance-in-My-Pants, I am currently behind schedule on my fitness and my weight. Like Mr. Armstrong (and every other tour pro out there) I will keep my actual numbers close to my chest so as not to alert my competitors of my exact fitness status.

I am not actually THAT far off of what I was last year, but I am WAY off of what I was hoping for after putting in a lot of effort and time on my last block. So far I've not stepped it up as much as I'd hoped. The Tellman girl is close to beating me by the numbers, which is good for her, not so great for me.

So, here is what I need to do...

1. Lose a little more weight. I'm not heavy, but I seem to be having trouble getting rid of the last few pounds of slow; in spite of attempting to limit myself on rare occasions. I guess this means I will have to get more hardcore on ignoring some BMB pastries for a while.

2. Do tempo like a mad man. Apparently this type of workout is good for improving all kinds of fitness parameters, so it seems like a good idea to do a lot of them to improve my gerbil rending abilities. I think the greatest area for improvement is actually doing as much work as I am supposed to do and not letting myself run out of time. Also, I may have to start riding by myself more...sorry Julia.

I know that most people don't actually care anything about training, and I normally try to avoid posting blogs like this, but I just was kinda feeling the need to make myself accountable to the 2 people who are following me on the interwebz. Really though, it's time to get moving. I had some good fitness last year, and I should be past where I was then, not playing catch-up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


51. That's how many hours I spent on the bike over the past 3 weeks. Most of that time was spent riding in sub freezing temperatures, which I know isn't a big deal to many people anywhere north of me, but for me, it was amazingly hardcore. I mean really, most of my riding partners didn't even ride during that 3 weeks. Weak. Anyway, other than feeling much more hardcore at this point, I am now experiencing an expectation of fitness gains. We shall see if that expectation is met in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I am about to be 22. On the 22nd. Weird. And not as big of a deal as 21. I am, however, going to go to the Gray Eagle to watch Justin open for the Enemy Lovers. Should be sweet.

But yeah, school is going swimmingly. Except that I couldn't really swim at the school since the pool is filled with either gravel or lawn equipment. I can't remember which. My schedule is easy, my classmates are cool, and my subjects are fun. I have noticed that during the first 2-3 weeks of class, when we are covering remedial info (basic cell biology, aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, etc...) I tend to get very lost. Not sure why. It's only when things get more complicated and building on things before do I get caught up.

Stay spicy America. Time for some Quesadillas!