Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring? Maybe? Hopefully?

It's about 70 was the same yesterday. Methinks that it means spring is coming. Oh wait, it turned to spring about 30 minutes ago! Yay! Happy spring everybody! Maybe now it will get warm again, and maybe the almanac will be wrong for the first time this year and we will dodge another snow. Maybe. Hopefully.

Also, this is my 100th post! Sweet! I think that calls for a celebration! Someone tell me how to celebrate...

In spite of the amazing weather this week, I have only ridden once on Tuesday. I rode Bennett on my Enduro (pushing my man-sized 36t chainring up the climb. Take that shuttlers.) and was having an awesome time coming back down when I tried to roll the rock drop a little too slowly. I ended up Endoing, shattered my Garmin, and apparently landed pretty hard on my knee. I'm hoping that it will get better pretty soon, but as for now, it's kinda swollen and sore, and riding is out of the question. Maybe by early next week...

It's actually been OK that I haven't been able to ride, since I've been working the CTS camp in Brevard. The weather is much nicer than last year, and making massive amounts of money has distracted me from my lack of riding (almost) .

Hopefully I'll be making my first racing post of the year after the Furman race next weekend...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Racing Time

Almost anyway...I know it's been a good long while since I've posted anything, and I am also aware that many of my blogs start out with the same apology about not posting anything. Moving on.

Since my last post, I have been very busy doing the following...

- Research on my senior thesis. I started out looking at the effects lactic acid has on exercise fatigue at anaerobic levels, and since the generally accepted answer is not a whole lot of anything, have since moved on to looking at what actually causes fatigue. I'm leaning towards 02 availability and CO2 Clearance.

- Training. I think that the last blog that I posted said something about needing to step it up with some intensity, and I have successfully done that. I've not felt super good in training, but I seem to be going pretty good when I need to. I just can't wait for racing to start next weekend...even if it is road.

- Looking at grad school. As much as I don't enjoy a lot of the parts of school, there are other parts that are sick, and I am hoping grad school will allow me to continue those parts for the next 2 years. Currently, I am looking at Cal Poly, University of Texas, or possibly App. Europe would also be cool, but I don't see it happening.

- Working on my bike skilz. Seriously. This is fun.

- Wasting mass amounts of time in other ways. This obviously doesn't include updating people on the mundane details of my life. Cause that would be lame. Oh wait...

My schedule until school lets out consists primarily of road racing, but I'm looking for some mountain bike racing to do too...On that note, I'm pumped that they moved the ETSU World Champs, cause that means now I can throw down up there the weekend before road nats! I'm hoping my XC skills will carry me through, but we shall see.